Welcome to Claire’s English Classroom! This blog will feature activities, lesson plans, random musings on EFL and teaching… and hopefully bits and pieces that you can use in your own classrooms! 

I’ve been meaning to start a proper blog for a while. I had one back in 2013, which I cleverly lost the password for and the process to retrieve and renew said password was a huge hassle, so I’m hoping I’ll be organised enough to maintain this blog to a satisfactory standard! I’d like to thank my friends and colleagues who encouraged me to go ahead with this blog, and I’ll big them up in upcoming posts so you can see the great work they do. 

Click on “Lesson Ideas and Blog” and choose your category from the menu. Have a browse (although it might be a very quick one until I get more posts uploaded), have a play around with activities you like the look of… and if you do use anything from this blog, I’d love to hear how you got on!